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    Our lovely unit is located at Jacana Bldg B near both the Country and Pico Beach with two bedrooms: a masters bedroom with own t&b with bidet and an access to its own balcony;the second bedroom has its own t&b (with bidet) and with a curtain that seperates from the living and dining(if privacy needed).Both bedrooms,living, dining and kitchen have aircon.Very cozy! Pressure Cooker is available for those who want to cook Bulalo and the like.Ice bucket with thong available too Extra folding tables and chairs and folding beds available inside the unit for large nos of guests Extra blankets and pillows available,just look for Eva at the front desk The maximum allowed no. of pax in the unit is 10pax strictly including at least 2 children (0-12y/o).The 11th pax will be charged additional 500/night Common Drivers' Quarters available and extra 650/night/driver upon registration. A damage security deposit of Php1,000 is collected upon check-in by Ms Eva which is refundable if no damage/loss in the unit before check out 더보기

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